Live Working - Flexible Conductor Covers (Line Hoses) Of Insulating Material


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This National Standard of Canada is applicable to flexible insulating covers (line hoses) for the protection of workers from accidental contact with live or earthed electrical conductors and for the avoidance of short circuits during live working. Five classes of conductor covers, differing in electrical characteristics, are provided and designated as class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4. Six categories of conductor covers differing in composition and properties are provided: category A ? acid resistant, category H ? oil resistant, category C ? formulated for extreme low temperature environments, category W ? formulated for extreme high temperature environments, category Z ? ozone resistant, and category P ? formulated for humid environment. Various styles of conductor covers, differing in construction characteristics are available and six of these are designated as style A, style B, style C, style D, style E, (see figure 1), and style F. La pr?sente Norme