Live Working - Minimum Requirements For The Utilization Of Tools, Devices And Equipment/Travaux Sous


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This National Standard of Canada gives the minimum requirements relative to specification, manufacture, selection, application and maintenance of tools, devices and equipment for live working. It provides the type of information which is useful to skilled persons in order to make the use of tools, devices and equipment safer. This type of information includes:? the characteristics of tools, devices and equipment;? their conditions for use;? their conditions for maintenance;? their conditions for storage and transportation. Such information may be given in standards, manufacturer?s instructions for use and in internal regulations set forth by companies for their own employees. Such information should be complemented by work methods, which are excluded from the scope of this standard. In this standard, the word tool(s) is used for 'tools, devices and equipment for live working' unless otherwise specified. La pr?sente Norme nationale du Canada donne les exigenc