Standard for Combustible Liquid Tank Accessories

Standard for Combustible Liquid Tank Accessories



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Ninth Edition
This Standard covers construction and performance requirements for the tank accessories identified in Clause 1.2, for use on atmospheric aboveground tanks not exceeding 19,927 L (5,000 U.S. gal) which are intended for the storage and supply of heating fuels for oil burning equipment, diesel fuels for compression ignition engines, motor oils (new or used) for automotive service stations, and similar combustible liquid applications. In addition to this Standard’s traditional safety requirements for tank accessories that primarily evaluate functional operation, structural integrity, and mitigate fire and environmental hazards from loss of liquid containment under expected normal conditions; optional construction and/or performance requirements, and associated ratings, intended to address more severe conditions associated with the effects of Climate Change are included in Appendix B. This Ninth Edition Joint ANSI and NSC has harmonized the requirements of, and now supersedes, the following documents: • Eighth Edition UL 180, Standard for Liquid-Level Gauges for Oil Burner Fuels and Other Combustible Liquids, and • First Edition ULC/ORD-C180-97, Other Recognized Document for Liquid Level Gauges and Indicators for Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil Tanks.

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